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That’s A Low Rider Pit Bull!

There are many varieties of American Bully Pit Bulls. There are the Pocket Bullies, the Standard Pit Bulls, The XL Pit Bulls, the Classic Bullies, the Micro Bullies, the Exotic Bullies, and the Extreme Bullies. We prefer the kind we like to call Low Rider Pit Bulls. Just what is a LowRider PitBull? A Low Rider is a slang term we like to use for the dogs that are thick, short, and LOW TO THE GROUND. Nothing like a beast of a dog sporting that thick, wide, chest, some nice topline, some top skull, that bone for days, and that bully stance – the total package! So the next time you see a dog with those characteristics and it is ridin’ low, ¬†you can tell everyone “that’s a Lowrider Pit Bull.”


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